Tuning in to intuition through journal writing

I love how we use very physical language to describe our intuition. We get a gut-feeling, a hunch, or we feel something in our bones, or in our water. Our body often provides us with clues about the truth of a situation, and it serves us to heed the messages that come from our intuitive, physical intelligence.

Our physical experience is a rich seam to mine in our journals, and getting curious about how certain situations are making our body feel can often yield surprising results.

Not only that, but by actively engaging our physical experience in a dialogue, in what I call ‘holistic communion’, we can often dig beneath the surface of our circumstances and gain real insight into what’s going on for us.

A few years ago I embarked on a business relationship which proved to be a massive headache in the long run.

I should have known that my future wouldn’t be too bright with the business in question because during our very first meeting I had such a blinding headache that I had to ask my colleagues if they had any pain killers on them!

I recall at the time that I’d just returned from a 740 mile round trip delivering personal development workshops at the other end of the country, so I really should have been taking things easy and not jumping head long into another business idea.

If only I’d taken the time to write in my journal about the experience, and ask my headache what it was trying to tell me, I’m sure the message would have been “don’t dive in head first when you don’t know how deep it is”.

Pay attention in your journal to what your body is experiencing and discover a whole new set of resources to guide you.


December 3, 2012 · 1:59 pm

2 responses to “Tuning in to intuition through journal writing

  1. Great insight! It’s amazing how easily we can ignore these signals – and unfortunate that they can be so hard to appreciate in ‘real-time’. The practice of journal writing is fantastic advice, as it can help one AT LEAST start to connect the dots in retrospect — and the retrospective insight is a great tool for enabling us to “appreciate” the art of intuition.

    Once we appreciate the impact that trusting our intuition has, we can, as you astutely put, begin to see how our intuition takes many forms and shapes (from fleeting thoughts and ‘aha moments’ – to quite literal physical signs)! From there it is easier for us to appreciate the ‘bad warning signs’ in a headache — to the ‘good warning signs’ of a “head tingle” (for lack of a better description lol)…

    Love the insight here – great post friend!!! 🙂

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