Take a snapshot of 2012 in your journal

Before midnight strikes tonight I urge you to make time to take up your journal and cast your mind over the year just gone. What are your highlights? What are the things you’re most grateful for? What lessons have you learned? What are the things you’d rather not repeat?

This snapshot of your year will serve you well as you move forward. It’s less about making a new year’s resolution, and more about resolving the old year. It’s simultaneously grounding and inspiring, a reminder of what’s important to you, and what you want more of.

Paradoxically looking back enables us to plan better for the future. Have you ever embarked on a shopping trip without figuring out what you’ve already got in the store cupboard? Without doing a quick review you’ll often end up buying too much or not enough of what you need.

Making resolutions for the new year is just the same. Without appreciating where you’ve got to already you may end up giving up too soon or carrying on too long.

Earlier today I received a note from a reader who declared their new year’s resolution is to ask what will make them shrink or grow. I love this inquiry – it’s double-edged, though I would interpret it metaphorically, and would recommend this as a key question to ask ourselves as we make choices for the next 12 months. And of course we can only know whether we’re “shrinking” or “growing” in 2013 if we’re sure about how “big” we got last year!

So go now – do your review. Take a snapshot of your year. And this New Year’s Eve raise a glass to the graceful resolution of 2012.


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2 responses to “Take a snapshot of 2012 in your journal

  1. This is a fab idea! A few days late I know, but I filled pages with my 2012 experiences!!

    • Hi Vicky – thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed taking the snapshot. It’s a practice I do on the last day on every month through the year too – helps keep me focused and on track – and appreciating where I’m up to!

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