Need a reason to sign up for the autumn workshop series?

Sometimes we receive feedback which is just too good not to share. Here’s an extract from an email that I received from one of the participants in the Spring workshop series, who articulates so well the impact I intend for people who join the programme – to realise their own inner strength through journaling.

Here goes:

“It was an excellent course. Each night I explored something different. It broadened my horizons and certainly inspired me to carry on writing.

“What I liked most about this course was that it was a mind-opener. It gave me many different ways to approach journaling. The one that’s freshest in my mind is the use of cards to represent skills, talents, interests, values and commitments, as we did on the final evening. I found that the “value” card I picked up was not at all relevant to the “commitment”. This led me to reflect on whether any of my values would have been relevant to that commitment. I found it was a very useful exercise. Earlier on in the course, drawing a distinction between inner and outer causes was great. It turned the positive tap on as it made me realise that I had great inner strength.

“Writing with fellow journal writers was an enjoyable experience, too. Though we were not obliged to share, we often had the impulse to share.

“I also had some fun moments. On the night we were doing metaphors, I picked up the kazoo, which to me was a most obscure object. It also failed to make a sound. I struggled to write anything meaningful. In the end, I started with, ‘Life is a kazoo. It’s narrow at both ends and big in the middle, with a lot input from the top.’ I laughed all the way home. When I got home, I carried on with kick-off sentences like, ‘Life is a bowl of soup’, ‘Life is a lantern’ and ‘Life is a smartphone’ … Most of them ended up as nonsense – but entertaining nonsense. However, a few of them worked and helped me when I was stuck.

“I shall certainly carry on journaling. I have gotten into the habit of carrying my journal with me, and I have altered the seating in my room so I can more readily sit at my desk when thoughts come to me. I find journaling so rewarding. I often feel as though the more I write, the more threads there are for me to explore. Among other things, I have started a journey rediscovering my past. Before the course, I’d never felt comfortable reflecting on the past and had even convinced myself that I had forgotten most of it. However, our past is what makes us who we are. I have started to write about how I grew up. As I write, more and more memories come back to me. I am finding it a very positive exercise.

“I think I need some more help writing to my future self, but I’ve been surprised by the wonderful feeling of my pen running smoothly over the pages. As for the venue, it’s hard to find a better place for writers in Swindon than Lower Shaw Farm.”


If this whets your appetite go right ahead and reserve your place on the contact form on the Events page.


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