What’s your writing routine?

Here’s a piece I wrote for another of my blogs – Great Western Writers’ Network – but I thinks it’s as true for journaling as for any other type of writing.

Great Western Writers' Network

As writers we know that the only way we can justify giving ourselves such a title is to write. Regularly. We know how dispiriting it is to tell people we’re a writer, only to then have to back track, when they ask their inevitable next question of what we’re writing, and explain that we’re just thinking about a novel or a story or a poem or an essay.

Just thinking about something doesn’t make us the doer. Thinking of becoming a brain surgeon does not qualify us to carry out life-critical operations. Thankfully. To borrow, and bastardise,  a couple of extremely well-worn phrases: actions speak louder than words – especially when you haven’t written them yet; and usually, especially for writers, it’s not just the thought that counts.

Of course it’s easier when we’ve got a financial incentive to write. When we’re paid by the word to produce our copy there is an…

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