What would Nathan do?

It’s day 3 of the 30 day digital journaling challenge and I’m thrilled to be on-board, gaining insights into the journaling progress of so many wonderful people around the world, and also experiencing a new form of journaling for myself.

It’s early days – and I know myself well enough to recognise my penchant and enthusiasm for shiny new things, which can wane after a while, and when real life kicks in – but at the moment I am astounded by the fluency and ease with which my journal entries are tapping themselves out onto my keyboard.

I’ve always been an advocate of handwritten journals, and will never give up the joy of ink and paper, especially when it is beautifully bound, and feels satisfyingly weighty to hold. Plus the fact that I consider writing to be a physical act, involving real fine motor skill and miraculous neural links and networks. Somehow typing has been to this what I would consider Tiger Woods’ Wii golf to be to the real game.


The real reason for this blog  is not to talk about how excited I am to be typing my journal for a change. (Though for anyone wondering what I’m using I have to confess to just creating dated documents in polaris on my android tablet and backing them up to Dropbox.)


The real reason for this entry today is because I want to say a huge, public thank you to Nathan Ohren and his team for making the digital journaling challenge possible – and for being such an engaging and big-hearted champion for personal empowerment through expressive journaling.

I first ‘met’ Nathan in Spring 2013 when he interviewed me for his JournalTalk podcast series. What a great idea! And he turned out to be a great communicator and an excellent talk-show host. Since then he and I have been friends in the social media space and I am always delighted when he contributes his comments in response to events in my life.

Nathan Ohren

So when he invited me to be part of the current challenge I was very honoured. I admire his enthusiasm and drive and willingness to help others achieve their best. I have to admit that sometimes when I’m stuck in my work, wondering how best to contact a prospect or client, or trying to address a thorny communication issue, I often ask myself what Nathan would do. It always helps.

Without wishing to make Nathan blush any more, I’m wondering if this in itself could be a journaling exercise? To identify someone with qualities you admire and wish to emulate; and to enquire, open-heartedly, about what they would do in your shoes when facing a tricky problem.

And don’t forget to thank them when you get the chance.



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4 responses to “What would Nathan do?

  1. Festival Chronicler

    Hey Juliet! Found I already follow you! Great to meet you on Sunday. I agree with the mechanical joy of writing. Poetry / notes = paper. Novel & blog writing = ipad. Work = Mac. Despite my son’s old reception teacher telling me that we’ll all write on computers one day, I worry about the zombie apocalypse. We should still be able to grab a stick, mix up some blood and faeces ink and scribe on a cave wall…Joking aside, we can’t afford to lose our basic mechanical, electricity-free skills.

  2. Cindy Swain

    I have to say, I have found for myself, the best of both worlds with digital journaling. I am using a handwriting app called NotesPlus on my iPad along with a digital stylus – the Wacom Bamboo Fineline…
    What I really love about this is that I am still writing rather than typing, and my journal is now password protected, which I can’t do with paper, and I find I am much freer in my journaling.
    Anyway…I’m so glad I found this site because of the 30 Day Challenge. I just bought your book, and am looking forward to this weekend off work, so I can curl up in a chair with your book and my iPad!!

    • Wow Cindy I love that you can handwrite digitally! That is the best of both worlds indeed. I’m quite adamant in my book about writing with a real pen – but I’m finding surprising results through typing. It’s an interesting process! Thanks for your purchase and I hope you have a very fruitful weekend!

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