Reflection and gratitude pave the way for success


What a worthy sounding title to this post.

But right here at the start of 2015, fresh out of a Christmas break which I mostly spent with my nose in books such as The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters, I am convinced that, worthy though it may sound, reflection and gratitude are vital components in a successful life.

And even though it sounds worthy – and not at all hard-nosed and business-like – this is what I’m going to tell my fellow networkers during my journaling presentation to them this coming Thursday.

I’m mad about journaling. You might have guessed. And I’m convinced that far from being the favourite pastime of spinster aunts, journaling can help everyone in all walks of life, from the most spiritually orientated individual to the more business-savvy. After all what happens in your journal stays in your journal. But there’s nowhere to hide when you’re writing to yourself.

So reflection and gratitude are the cornerstones of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015. As well as making sure my desk and the kitchen table are clear of clutter at the end of every day.

Following Jeff Olson’s advice I’m taking the time to write down every morning three things that I am grateful for. And to reflect on the most positive thing that happened in the previous 24 hours.

I’ve been doing this for as many days as the year is old and already notice some remarkable effects. I am much more optimistic, determined and calm. And from this place I can be more focussed on what success means to me.

It’s not so worthy – but it’s worth a great deal.


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