The New Story of Your Life

October 2015 was a blessed month for me.

I spent five days playing golf in Spain with some dear friends; and one whole week enjoying some late summer sunshine in Turkey with my Mum and my daughter.

In between I got to do something similarly awesome. I got to meet, and spend the whole day with, my journaling heroine Kathleen Adams.

Juliet and Kay Adams

I read Kathleen’s book Journal to the Self almost a decade ago and it inspired me in many ways, not least to produce the Journal Writer’s Handbook. To actually experience a workshop with her and other inspiring women was such a glorious gift that I will remember for a long long time.

The subject of the workshop, which took place in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and which was co-facilitated by the wild and wonderful Mary Reynolds Thompson, was as the title of this blog: Writing the New Story of Your Life.

It’s a poignant, emotive venture to undertake the creation of a new story for ourselves. It’s also alarming to realise how many stories we already have playing in our lives – and how they rarely serve us well.

Kathleen shared with us a wonderful poem by Michael Blumenthal called The New Story of Your Life. I was most struck by the “sense of plenitude entirely your own” that this New Life requires and have reflected deeply on what this means to me over the recent days.

Writing and sharing reflections with a group of generous, gentle souls is a restorative and emboldening experience. I was amazed by and proud of the fabulous women in the room who already had such diverse stories and experiences, and who were so incredibly generous in their sharing and their attention to each other. We rocked.

To borrow from Kathleen the springboard phrase she used to introduce the workshop, I invite you to consider what is the story of your life today?


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  1. Beautiful! Your story takes me to memories of my own, writing workshops I’ve attended, the honor of being in the company of wonderful women all discovering ourselves… and that poem is great. I love the implications of it and what it means to me. Thank you for sharing. Plenitude for all! 🙂

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