Life Changing Magic

Who knew that decluttering your space could have such a magical, life-changing effect?

Certainly a first reading of Marie Kondo’s best-selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying could lead you to feel rather incredulous about her evangelical praise of chucking stuff out and finding a place for everything that remains. My holiday reading earlier in October included her book section on folding socks. It sounds mundane. But I was gripped.

I desperately wanted to discover for myself whether my socks really would appreciate being folded and not balled, whether it really would put a spring in my step to know that I had allowed my clean, folded socks to ‘rest’ properly in between wear.

And I really wanted to know if having a tidier space around me could really change my life.

For a while I have known that clutter befuddles my brain. I can’t think straight when I’m stepping over piles of stuff or having to shift mountains of junk off the surfaces before I can get to work on anything. As a writer and a creative thinker being surrounded by crap is a serious blocker. Aside from stopping the energetic flow of ideas, clutter feeds the procrastination gremlin so ultimately nothing gets done. On top of that there is the whole feng shui philosophy of unblocking energy and therefore opportunity and prosperity.


I tidied my office. I chucked out a lot of stuff that had really just become receptacles for dust. And since I don’t have a particular passion for collecting dust I didn’t need any extra receptacles for it.

Not only did I tidy, I repositioned my desk and chair to enable me to see all the doorways into my work space. And I placed a picture of a mountain behind me – a strong, solid structure that has my back. Now I’m in a position – literally –  to spot opportunities coming my way, and to feel as if I have firm foundations from which to respond.

Next I sorted my wardrobe and all my clothes, following Marie Kondo’s advice to handle each item one by one and inquire of it “Does this spark joy?” I was extremely surprised to realise, as she promises, that it really is possible to feel joy from a garment. And it is really possible to distinguish joy from anything else you might feel at the prospect of wearing an item of clothing.

So yes. Things are changing. In the month since I sorted out my office I have received 8 new inquiries from new prospects – as well as repeat business from existing clients. Plus my socks are better rested, my feet happier, and my step well and truly lighter.




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2 responses to “Life Changing Magic

  1. Nice! Love, love, love it. I read an article excerpting her book before, but had not yet tackled anything of substance with her techniques. Love hearing the magic. I will try it with some things. 🙂

  2. Yep Monique it’s a good little book. I found it very motivating. And I’m glad to find clarity on the other side of clutter!!

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