You’ve made your bed…

Today is, apparently, National Make your Bed Day. I have no idea where this idea comes from – answers on a postcard – but there is something quite inspiring about it, especially since I am often guilty of not doing it.

As the saying goes once you’ve made your bed you’ve got to lie in it. So it’s worth making sure you’ve made it as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing worse than itching and scratching in a bed full of crumbs, or tossing and turning on a lumpy sheet.

And, since as we do one thing so we do everything, leaving an unmade bed doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. If there are lots of loose ends in our life, perhaps we need to check how smooth we left the duvet this morning.

Making your bed is a way of showing yourself love and kindness. Taking a few minutes every morning to straighten the sheets and pillows is a gift for later. And it gives us something to be grateful for even at the end of the crappiest day.

Of course, the metaphorical significance of making your bed is not lost on journal writers. Are there aspects of life which aren’t too comfortable? Are there tasks unfinished? Is there more you can do to show yourself kindness?

On this unlikely national day see what comes up with the prompt: Making my bed means…

It’s a small practice, but repeated over time has a positive effect. Sweet dreams.



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