Time for self-authoring

My son has been helping me format The Journal Writer’s Handbook for publication on Amazon. Flicking through some of the exercises included in the book he remarked particularly on the ones called “Playing with Metaphor”; “Taking Responsibility”; “Hidden Voices”, and “Absolute Truths”.

These are themes and explorations he has been enjoying through the work of Dr Jordan Peterson, the guy who is taking the young male adult world by storm with his relentless intellectual honesty and dedication to individual self-improvement, through self-authoring, the study of mythological archetypes, and his tirade against the identity politics of post-modern neo-Marxism (Guardian readers look away now).

His recent interview by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 news may be the only thing you’ve seen by him. If so you’re missing a treasure trove of mind-boggling polymathic research and psychological commentary by Dr Peterson on youtube and his own website.

Personally I celebrate Jordan Peterson’s ability to engage such an impenetrable audience as 20 year old men. Even more I applaud his recommendations to use reflective writing as a great tool for self-improvement, and for setting oneself up with integrity and discipline.

When I first wrote The Journal Writer’s Handbook five years ago I had no idea who Professor Peterson was. Now I’m delighted to listen to him. More so because it’s my son that introduced me.




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2 responses to “Time for self-authoring

  1. MillennialMerit

    Jordan Peterson is doing a lot of great things for a group of people who are being forgotten in today’s society. Young men are one of the most likely to achieve great things, but they are also the most likely to go to jail or commit suicide.

    • Sadly yes, this is true. And it is also I understand a particular motivator in Jordan Peterson’s desire to reach out with his message of individual personal responsibility. I heard my son say that listening to him changed his life – in fact it probably changed the life of everyone in this family. I appreciate the time you took to read my blog post – and even more the time you are taking to express your thoughts in your own writing. With good wishes and thanks.

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