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Only Connect this Christmas

My favourite quote from E.M.Forster, rather than the extremely challenging UK quiz show, is “Only Connect”.

It deserves some reflection in and of itself – but I’ll leave that for you to indulge.

In this blog I would like to invite you to connect with a growing community of reflective journal writers.

Gift Wrap and Pencil

These are people who are determined to think independently, know their own purpose, and wish to deepen their appreciation of the power of intuition and physical intelligence.

They are typically people who are private, reserved individuals, but whose heart is open and wide and generous – who wish to learn and grow, and who are a deep resource of insights and wisdom.

Journaling is a powerful way to take personal responsibility for our lives and for what we want to generate and contribute in our world. It works for people in every setting and at every level, personal and professional.

So jump on board.

Sign up to receive my download of some astounding health and well-being benefits from journaling. You will then receive regular emails with prompts, inspirations and journaling insights – and be part of the growing Reflective Way community.

Give yourself the gift of connection this festive season!



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December 17, 2018 · 2:25 pm