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Make your journaling unique

There could never be two journals alike. What you write in your journal makes it a totally unique treasure chest of insights, thoughts and expressions.

And it’s always best to write in a beautiful notebook that gives you pleasure, and helps make journaling a sensual experience.

So what better than a unique, handmade journal with a gorgeous cover design and smooth, water-marked paper that receives your inky words with relish, encouraging you to write more and more?

Here are some such specimens of journal-writing joy-givers:


Il Papiro Journals

And here’s a snap of where you can find them in the UK:

Il Papiro Covent Garden

That’s me with shop manager Lorenzo!

Il Papiro in Covent Garden is part of a family-owned chain of shops that were established in the 1970s by two Florentine businessmen, who were keen to revive the ancient art of paper marbling. In Italy Il Papiro has stores in Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa and Siena. And, lucky for us, here in the UK Lorenzo looks after one of two outlets in London – the other being at St Christopher’s Place.

The paper used to bind each individual journal is hand-crafted at the factory near Florence, using natural dyes and an adhesive solution which helps the colour stick. The designs vary from stippled to peacock to marble, which is the design that gives the technique its name.

Personally my favourite design is peacock – as my Il Papiro journals attest:

Peacock journals

I love that each notebook is totally individual and carefully crafted by hand. The jewel-like colours are stunning and truly make each notebook look like a real gem.

If you want to make your journal writing experience one to treasure, go say Hi to Lorenzo and treat yourself to a marbled notebook.



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