Journal Writing events

Reflective and Creative Journaling workshops at Swindon’s Little Big Festival

The Town Gardens in Spring by Jane Milner Barry

Image courtesy of Jane Milner-Barry

Venue: Town Gardens Bowls Club, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

Reflective writing:  Saturday 27 July 10am – 11.30am

Artistic journaling:  Sunday 8 September 11am – 1pm

Join me and artist Bea Menier for a reflective and artistic exploration of what place means to us, and how it supports and inspires our journaling practice. Bring along a notebook or sketchbook* you love to use, and a pen or art materials that tempt your reflective or creative side, and allow yourself to explore what happens when you wander from your predictable path and develop a new awareness of the place you belong to.

Both workshops are free-of-charge. Just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm. Look forward to seeing you there!

*Writing and drawing materials can be sourced at Pen and Paper in Old Town, Swindon.

Autumn 2013 Journal Writing Workshop Series: Monday 2 September – Monday 21 October

Venue: Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK


Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost per person for 8 week programme: £80

September always feels like a new beginning. It reminds us of the new school year,  gives us a mid-year opportunity to revisit our dreams and aspirations – and maybe do something about them.

Journal writing is a great way of inspiring and motivating ourselves to finally get on with the projects we’ve been putting off. It helps us clarify our intentions and commitments; shows us what is truly important to us in our lives; and helps us become more creative and resourceful in all we put our minds to.

Why not treat yourself this September to a guided journey through The Journal Writer’s Handbook, in the cosy and convivial surroundings of Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon? From Weighing Anchor and getting started with your journaling practice to Setting the Course, Diving In and finding Safe Moorings during your own voyage of self-discovery through reflective writing – this 8 week course of workshops will help you to realise your infinite resourcefulness and wisdom. And there’ll be tea and biccies too.

If this feels like it “floats your boat” fill out the contact form below.  EARLY BIRD bookings by 30th June 2013 will receive a free signed copy of The Journal Writer’s Handbook. So don’t miss out on a great opportunity to deepen your journal writing experience!

The Spring 2013 Swindon Journal Writing Workshop Series enjoyed its finale on Wednesday 10 April. And what a wonderful time we had! Here we all are:



People said glowing things, for example:

Bea said:

“Just to say that I really, really enjoyed the course and thank you very much for being such a wonderful facilitator. Great venue, lovely people, it will go in my journal as one of life’s enjoyable experiences.”

Zoe said:

“The Journal Writing Workshop is the most inspiring course I’ve attended in Swindon. The course tutor, Juliet, is very experienced journal writer and she knows how to inspire the others. With her assistance, you will become a more resourceful writer. During the course, she will hand you kick-off phrases and prompt cards, lead you in meditation, and encourage you to go on a voyage of self-exploration.”

Monica said:

“This programme is perfect. It has made me more curious about things and has got me writing more deeply about everything in my life. Lower Shaw Farm is a perfect venue for writing. The room is cosy and there is a calm and friendly atmosphere.”

Happy journaling – and I look forward to seeing you in September!

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