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Give the gift of journaling this Christmas

Take a moment to think about your closest friends. What’s the gift that would be perfect for them this Christmas?

For most of us we wish our friends happiness, health and peace of mind – so why not give them the gift of journaling this year, and help them discover their inner wisdom and resourcefulness for a happy, healthy and peaceful life?Give the gift of journaling this Christmas

Bundled up with a handmade notebook and pen The Journal Writer’s Handbook is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to make the coming year their best yet. It contains exercises and prompts to encourage even the most nervous of writers, and lots of examples of how others have used their journals to uncover incredible insights about their own experience.

Just go ahead and click on the book image to the right and start solving your Christmas gift quandaries today!


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Use your journal to consciously create your perfect Christmas

The festive season is without doubt a time for lists – presents to buy, food to prepare, cards to write, recipes to follow, the last minute preparations before the big day arrives.

It’s funny how this festive frenzy of list-making often serves to put us into auto-pilot mode, so we can merrily tick through all our items, keeping panic at bay and helping us feel like we’re ready. But ready for what?

I propose that while we’re indulging in our seasonal lists we try a couple that are a bit more intentional, a bit more consciously aware and a bit less ‘auto-pilot’.  And as one of the most famous lists at this time of year appears in a song, make your list 12 items long to match!

For example:

The top twelve things I love about Christmas; my twelve favourite festive movies; twelve things that make me feel ‘Christmassy’; my twelve perfect festive ingredients; the top twelve songs on my perfect Christmas playlist.

It’s also a time to reflect back on all that the past year has brought us. So how about a list of your top twelve achievments; the twelve things you’re most grateful for; your top twelve lessons learned; your top twelve highlights of 2012… The list, as they say, goes on.

By naming the things we’ve accomplished, and the things we look forward to at this time of year, we can set our intention and consciously create our perfect holiday – and then have fun reflecting on it all afterwards.

(Excuse the split infinitive – I’m boldly going with this one.)

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