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5 ways journal-writing can help you promote yourself and your work

Journal writing offers time and space for us to ‘work in our life’, to discover our underlying interests, talents and skills, and to recognise our own unique style and approach. This is as true for us whether we’re in business, whether we want to find a way to connect with other people, or whether we have a product idea that we’d like others to engage with and buy. Our journals are somewhere to do our homework, to reflect on what we want to achieve and how we want to get there. Without this thorough exploration and self-awareness under our belts our promotional efforts can be a bit hollow, and certainly unsustainable. The fact is authenticity is attractive and it sells.

So here’s what journal writing does:

  1. It helps us get clear on what we want to say – and how we want to say it
  2. It enables us to view the choices that are available to us and understand the pros and cons objectively (there’s nothing like a list!)
  3. It forces us to identify promotional approaches that work for us – you quickly come to recognise the physical feeling you get when you’re on to something
  4. It stops us from chasing wild geese ideas that intially seem exciting, but which quickly make us feel exhausted just thinking about them
  5. It develops our authentic voice and reveals the thread of our own integrity weaving through all our thoughts and activities

These things become more apparent over time, and through a well-established reflective writing practice. However with the right quality of attention paid to our physical responses, our energy level and the words that flow from the end of our pen, transformative discoveries can be made quite rapidly and our approach could change in a flash.


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