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Be your own Valentine

It’s 1st February. The month of love. When spring is thinking about being sprung and kids everywhere anticipate padded red envelopes being left in their lockers and desks; while restaurants charge an arm and a leg for everything served with ‘a raspberry coulis’.

It can also be a time of anti-climax. The Valentine isn’t quite as heart-felt as you’d like; the service in the restaurant is a bit slow and the red rose a bit wilted.


So this month try something radical. Instead of waiting for Mr or Ms Right to declare their undying love, do it for yourself. In your journal.

What if you wrote yourself a love letter, the way you want it to be? What if, every day in February, you sent yourself a billet doux, written by your own fair hand, in your journal.

Don’t be shy. Be loving and  kind. To yourself.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to your very own signed copy of The Journal Writer’s Handbook, available here, while stocks last.



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